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Quick Update


  • Pilot ID's start with your initials, please do not log a random ID using TA as the beggining of your Pilot ID, as this causes additional work behind the scenes to correct your data, Eg Simon Smith id is SM100 not TA100
  • All submitted Pireps will be updated every Saturday 10:00AM Australian Eastern Standard Times
  • Flight Schedules avaialable for dowload in excel files, if you dont have excel a PDF version can be made available
  • Roster page activated, members prepare to start forwarding outstanding flight hours, to be added to existing hours. Speak with Paul for details.
  • Website upgrade completed
  • Logbook pirep process under review further advise will be given shortly

Pilot Resources

The members site is restricted to registered users only:

> Update your logbook
> Edit your logbook
> Review the member roster
> Review and choose flights from Tasman flight schedules
> Many other features available