Standard Operating Procedures

1) Open Sky Policy

1.1 The open sky policy allows you as a member of Tasman Airways to complete your flights in the aircraft of your choice.

1.2 As a member you are free to fly any flight schedule you choose, where the schedule could be from either a Tasman schedule or a schedule of a real world airline. Eg Cathay Pacific CX101

1.3 As a member you are not restricted to using aircraft from the Tasman fleet, you are free to fly any aircraft that your comfortbale with as long as the aircraft is a comparible aircraft for the route flown.

2) Transfer of Hours

2.1 A maximum of 300 hours may be transferred from another VA if you are no longer flying with that VA, upon confirmation of those hours from that Virtual Airline. In such cases, the pilot will be required to complete 10 hours as a pilot in order to familiarise himself or herself with the requirements of Tasman Airways VA. After the completion of those 10 hours, the hours transferred will be added and the pilot will be assigned the appropriate rank.

2.2 If you continue to fly with another VA at the time of joining Tasman Airways VA, no hours are transferrable from that other VA.

2.3 Flying with other Virtual Airlines is not encouraged, however in some circumstances if a pilot can commit even contribution of flight hours to another Virtual Airline and Tasman Airways no objection will be noted. Transfer of hours will not be accepted from another VA should a pilot subequently join other VA's after their commencement date with Tasman Airways.

3) Flights

3.1 All pilots are required to complete a minimum of one flight per month, and file a pirep for that flight.

3.2 When flying on line, you may fly the category of aircraft specified or any aircraft of your choice as long as its a comparible aircraft for the designed flight.

4) Code Share Flights

This is the code share agreement between Saint Paul Airlines and Tasman Airways.
Code sharing refers to a practice where a flight operated by an airline is jointly marketed as a flight for one or more other airlines. Most major airlines today have code sharing partnerships with other airlines, and code sharing is a key feature of the major airline alliances. Our agreement is as follows. The policies contained in this agreement may only be amended by consensus of the Senior Management

4.1 This code share agreement is open to all pilots of any rank.

4.2 Flying a code share flight using a St Pauls Airlines schedule is counted as your minimum requirement of flying one flight per month.

4.3 Any questions a pilot may have while flying St Paul Airlines flights should be directed toward the quality manager.

5) Pireps

5.1 Pireps must be logged after completing all flights.

5.2 Tasman Airways VA does not deploy or use an ACARS Pirep system, our online form is simple and easy to complete and is intended to keep you engaged at Tasman Airway VA.

6) Behaviour

6.1 The management at Tasman Airways VA will not tolerate any abusive emails or calls from any pilot for any reason. Such cases will be dealt with by dismissal from Tasman Airways VA.

6.2 Clause 6.1 also applies to all members of the management team.

6.3 Every member of Tasman Airways VA including those on the management team is required at all times to treat any member of the group with courtesty and respect and in a manner you would expect to receive yourself.

7) Pilot Status

7.1 Pilots who have not filed a pirep for one month will be sent an email from the quality manage asking why they have not done so.

7.2 Failure to file a pirep in the next two week period your details will be removed from the member roster, without any further emails.

7.3 A pilot may be put on leave of absence at the discretion of the operations manager.

7.4 Leave of absence will be granted for 30 days, if further time is required a request should be made to the quality manager. Failure to communicate and request further time from the HR manager shall be deemed as no longer active with Tasman Airways VA and will be removed from the roster.

7.5 Any pilot on leave if flying for other VA's whilst on leave will be deemed as no longer active with Tasman Airways VA.

8) Management Team

The management team of Tasman Airways VA is made up by the following positions

8.1 Operations Manager / Founder - Paul Deans

8.2 Web Operations - Peter Jones