30 June 13 - Aussie Teenager Attempting Solo World Record
This piece of news now enters the real world of flying with an Australian teenager Ryan Campbell aged 19 about to embark on becoming the youngest pilot ever to fly solo around the world, and steal the title from the young American pilot Jack Wiegand 21, who is due to complete his flight late June 2013.

Ryan's solo attempt can be viewed and tracked via his website. 

02 June 13 - Airbus Versus Boeing
The competition between these to aircraft manufactures has now hotted up within Tasman Airways,
each month the dash will be updated with our newest chart which tracks the hours flown by all members using either of these two rivals, you can view the stats here


17 Jan 13 - Cesssna Ferry Flight
A new challenge has now been dispatched for any member wanting to complete the Cessna Ferry Flight has arrived. Thanks to Stu McGinnes for his work on putting this challenge together. 

30 Dec 12 - Tasman Airways Photo Gallery
Tasman Airways photo gallery has arrived, and includes the following categories:

Online Flights: Images taken from our online flights are displayed here.
Member Contributions: Images from members be it flight simulator or non flight simulator related

If you have an image that you would like to be displayed in the gallery zip the image and email through to either Paul Deans or Peter Jones.

17 Dec 12 - Tasman Airways Arrivals Board
Tasman Airways has introduced an arrivals board, which lists the last twenty arrivals logged. This feature is not restricted to a login meaning you do not need to be logged in. You can find the arrivals board on the Members VAHQ main page
Member Details Timezone Offset
Added to the member details page is a new field called the timezone offset. This field has been added to assist with the co-ordination for online flights and any special events. Next time your logged into to update your logbook please update your current timezone offset. Timzone offset should be entered as follows:

+hh.h where hh is equal to hours, if observing daylight saving enter +hh.h*

C130 Final Tour
As a tribute to the C130 being retired and for those who enjoy flying military aircraft Tasman Airways has launch the C-130 H final tour. Of course this challenge is open to all members of Tasman.

Refer to the challenges page for further detail abou this tour which starts within Australia, crosses the ditch into New Zealand for the final crossing across the ditch heading back to Australia.

Aircraft Download Files:
An incompatibility has been identified if your current operating system is XP using Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you download a aircraft file and then try to open it you will receive an error message that the file is corrupt. All files created have been compiled using Windows 7 64bit, and it would appear that the outdated IE will not open the files.
An alternate web browser Mozilla Firefox, allows you to download the files and open them to install. If you don't have Mozilla Firefox installed you can download from here and get yourself up and running.

Calling all Members:

Send your ideas for our online flights,  we do enjoy your input as well. Contact Stewart Baker direct or via the website.

If any of you out there have not taken part in our online flights Tasman Airways would love to see online with us at some stage, we have a lot fun as well a few interesting landings.