About Tasman Airways






Our mission at Tasman Virtual Airways is to provide an environment for a realistic Flight and Air Traffic Control simulation experience, to be the very best provider of services, both domestic, regional and international and to provide for the management team second to none.

Tasman Airways is proud to promote this great country of New Zealand and the close rivelry with their across the ditch cousin Australia, and share it with like minded people with an interest not only in flight simulation, but in sharing their experiences and skills.

With our open skies policy flight simulator enthusiasts can enjoy flying the Tasman flight schedules or any other flight schedule from your favourite real world airline, all you need to do is log it as a charter flight.

Since inception 10 years ago Tasman has grown, and continues to operate this VA with real people. Other Virtual Airlines have real people, yet use technology to do everything for them, from replying to your join application through to notifying you of an increased pilot rank if they even do that!!

Have you ever tried to join a VA where you recieve notification your application is rejected, where the email being sent is an auto response? That doesn't happen with Tasman every application received is reviewed by the founder Paul Deans, it may seem old fashioned but here at Tasman we feel that human interaction is what keeps our Virtual Airline successful, not technology taking away the personal experience and communication with its members.

Still interested? Do we have your attention? Tasman Airways is about communication with you as an individual and not just a number on a pilot roster. Take a look at other VA's and their rosters. How many of their members sit with 0.00 hrs?

Only those who join Tasman do so with the intent they want to be part of the group and can commit to our generous active policy of at least logging one or more flights, every 30 days.

The Tasman flight schedule currently operate services throughout the following destinations, with international departures for Indonesia, Japan, Pacific Islands, China, United States, Europe and the UK.

Tasman Airways also runs a code share arrangement with St Pauls Virtual, and encourages our pilots to take time out from Tasman every once in a while and choose a flight from the St Pauls schedules.

  • New Zealand - Domestic | International
  • Australia - Domestic | Regional | International
  • United Kingdom - Domestic | International

Our main goals are to provide you our members with an experience "as real as it gets" within the limitations of available software while having fun in a friendly atmosphere.

Tasman Airways has teamed up with VBNAV which provides our own dedicated online server for our online flights and enjoy ATC services on a number of our scheduled online flights. Look for Tony ATC, his experience and skills with Euroscope provides Tasman Airways members with a relaxed yet professional ATC experience and is perfect for newbies who want to become familiar with flying online with ATC controllers.

There is still a Virtual Airline out there that does the hard work in planning operations:

  • Our VA does not try to mimic a real world airline counter part, where others do and use their real world counter parts flight schedule and paint scheme.
  • Our PIREP submission relies on you the pilot to take control and not rely on ACARS to do it all for you, if you wan't ACARS you may as well not fly at all.
  • Tasman pilots gather for online flights and endevour to incorporate online times where ever practible to include anyone outside of New Zealand and Australian current time zones.